About MedleyMeadows

Go Solar is my invitation to you! I am a Climate Leader – personally trained as a mentor with the honorable Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Al Gore. Prior to my climate work, I spent 35 years as a software process engineer providing clear corporate governance. It was powerful in its clarity to reveal the truth of mismanagement. Corporate cultural disruption followed and so did profits.

Whilst meditating daily, I hear the earth call MAYDAY MAYDAY – M’aidez, M’aidez in French translates to Help me, Help me.

Every day that I walk our muddy labyrinth on her farm in North Carolina with Fluffy, the cat, it is a ritual of gratitude. I meditate daily. It helps me discern where to put my energies.  Join in and you help too. The Earth is calling out MAYDAY! This is the time to answer the call.