Dinning Out

Meditation on a burford holly and cedar wax wing birds

dinning out

twenty years on a porch and finally seeing what is there

Randy and I are getting into a routine with both of us working from home, but my favorite time of the day is happy hour sitting on our front porch whether we have a cocktail or not. On Monday I noticed that our Burford holly had lots of red berries. On Tuesday fifty Cedar Wax Wing birds swarmed the holly and ate all the red berries in one glorious buffet. Unfortunately, one of the little birds kamikazed into the window on the front porch right where I enjoy my happy hour each evening.

I think it is all this alone time watching shadows pass, but I awoke last night praying that I do not destroy this world. “Please help me to care for and not destroy this world. Amen.” We’ve had this Burford holly for at least twenty years and I’ve never observed the Cedar Wax Wing yearly dinning event. It was magical. This is a microcosm of our beautiful world all around us. I just never observed it. God does so much for us. We can back off a bit to let the world live. Live and let live.

Accept grace.

“Do not be afraid, little flock. It is my Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. What you have chosen is given to you and what you have rejected out of your own fear and ignorance is also given to you because grace is boundless. One has only to accept it with gratitude.”

~Luke 12