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They died alone

April 4, 2020

In 2010 I researched solutions to the climate crisis after being trained in 2007 by the honorable Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Realty Project. I became a mentor with the group and traveled to help train others. I found that we humans are addicted to oil causing the sixth mass extinction. We are in the age of the Anthropocene. I learned to meditate seriously using Holosynch because I was sick from the realization that any solution was impossible. I prayed for divine intervention. Then in 2014 I went to Chartres, France to study with Ubiquity University's Wisdom School. They use ancient techniques and the original Liberal Arts education which is known to be the oldest form of higher education in the Western world. It dates between the 8th century BC and the 6th century AD, a time known as Classical Antiquity. Philosophers of the seven liberal arts include Pythagoras (570 - 495 BC), Socrates (470 - 399 BC) known to be the father of political philosophy and moral philosophy and Aristotle (384 - 322 BC). I thought surely this group standing on the shoulders of such giants could help transform humankind to be in harmony with Mother Nature. In one particular class on the philosophy of Alice in Wonderland with Carolyn Myss, I asked specifically, “How do we pursue divine intervention in the climate crisis?” After a moment of thought she stated, “Words matter. We do not pursue divine intervention, we accept it.” It turned all my impossibilities into possibilities.

COVID-19 is not the answer to prayer. It is a wake-up call. I read recently in the Twitter-verse that the name of the book written about this time will be called, “They Died Alone”. In this in-between-time, I accept grace.

This is my piece of art called, "Just Add Water", from everyday objects akin to how artist Marcel Duchamp envisioned such. I created it in my 2019 summer dissertation class where my brilliant professor Melissa Pritchard led me to discover the "energy" of my thesis which is oddly "extinction can be fun". What I gathered this to mean is that I will grow beyond my present understanding to my purpose for my life and this process and my encounters will be joyful. Join me in "adding water to life" and we will discover the future together.

The Greek philosopher, Plato, believed that we don't learn, we remember. This is because he believed that the inner part of us – known as the soul – doesn't change and is immortal in the sense that it has been reborn, time and again. Because of this, it has seen things in both the 'material' world and the 'real' world.

In a recent shamanic journey, Dr. Phocas Sandy devised for us called "The Removing of the Cloaks", as we journeyed along, we removed our cloaks of this existence, like for instance, my cloak of being a computer programmer. As I finally removed my cloak as an inhabitant of Earth, I became a tardigrade. Of course all this is just imagination (or is it?) but what is so strange, is tardigrade live in outer space dehydrated and can be reconstituted by adding water. They survive.

This is a prayer I 'remembered':

"I am a being of light, a daughter of the mother-father-god. All that comes to me today is for my highest good. And all that departs from me shall be light. Thank you mother-father-god."

~ as remembered by Gloria Karpinski https://www.gloriakarpinski.com

Chapter 42 of The Beloved Companion- The Ministry of the Trees

42:1 The Migdalah answered and said, “What is hidden from you, I will proclaim to you.” and she began to speak to them the words that Yeshua had given her.

42:2 My master spoke thus to me. He said, ‘Miryam, blessed are you who came into being before coming into being, and whose eyes are set upon the kingdom, who from the beginning has understood and followed my teachings. Only from the truth I tell you, there is a great tree within you that does not change, summer, or winter, and its leaves do not fall. Whosoever listens to my words and ascends to its crown will not taste death but know the truth of eternal life.’

42:3 Then he showed me a vision in which I saw a great tree that seemed to reach unto the heavens and as I saw these things, he said, ‘The roots of this tree are in the earth, which is your body. The trunk extends upward through the five regions of humanity to the crown, which is the kingdom of the spirit.

42:4 There are eight great boughs upon this tree and each bough bears its own fruit, which you must eat in all its fullness. As the fruit of the tree in the garden caused Adam and Chav’vah to fall into darkness, so this fruit will grant to you the light of the spirit that is eternal life. Between each bough is a gate and a guardian who challenges the unworthy who try to pass.

42:5 The leaves at the bottom of the tree are thick and plentiful, so no light penetrates to illuminate the way. But fear not, for I am the way and the light, and I tell you that, as one ascends the tree, the leaves that block one from the light are fewer, so it is possible to see all more clearly. Those who seek to ascend must free themselves of the world. If you do not free yourself from the world, you will die in the darkness that is the root of the tree. But if you free yourself, you will rise and reach the light that is the eternal life of the spirit.’

42:6 And as he said these things, I felt my soul ascend and saw the first great bough that bears the fruit of love and compassion, the foundation of all things. And I knew that before you can eat of this fruit and gain its nourishment, you must be free of all judgment and wrath. When you have freed yourself of these burdens, you may eat of the fruit and so gain the love and compassion that will allow you to pass the first of seven guardians. And I heard the voice of the lord of wrath calling to me, but I denied him and he had no part in me.

42:7 So I saw my soul ascend again and he showed me the second great bough, weighed down with the fruit of wisdom and understanding. And I saw that before you can taste of its bounty, you must be free of all ignorance and intolerance. Only then can you eat of the fruit and so pass upward unhindered through the second of the seven gates. And I heard the voice of ignorance call to me, but I knew him not, and so my soul did thus unchallenged.

42:8 Then my master showed me the third great bough, which bears the fruit of honor and humility. Only when free of all duplicity and arrogance may you partake of its nourishment. and arrogance called to me, saying, ‘you are not worthy, go back.’ But my soul was deaf to him, and so moved onward and upward into increasing light.

42:9 And then there came the fourth bough, blossoming with the fruit of strength and courage. and I heard him tell me that to eat of this fruit, you must have freed yourself from the weakness of the flesh and confronted and conquered the illusion of your fears. And the master of the world stood before me and claimed me as his own, but I denied him, and he had no part of me.

42:10 Only then, my master told me, when you have rejected the deceiver, can you pass through the hardest gate of all, to attain the fifth bough and the fruit of clarity and truth. Only then will you know the clarity and truth of your soul and, knowing yourself for the first time, understand that you are a child of the living spirit. And as my soul moved upward, I realized that I could no longer hear the voice of the world, as all had become as silence.

42:11 Then in the light above, I saw the sixth bough, the one that bore the fruit of power and healing. My master told me that when you truly have eaten of the fruit of the clarity and truth of yourself, then could you partake of the fruit of power and healing, the power to heal your own soul and thereby make it ready to ascend to the seventh bough, where it will be filled by the fruits of light and goodness.

42:12 And I saw my soul, now free of all darkness, ascend again to be filled with the light and goodness that is the spirit. And I was filled with a fierce joy as my soul turned to fire and flew upwards in the flames from whence my master showed me the eighth and final bough, upon which burned the fruit of the grace and beauty of the spirit.

42:13 And I felt my soul and all that I could see dissolve and vanish in a brilliant light, in a likeness unto the sun. And in the light, I beheld a woman of extraordinary beauty, clothed in garments of brilliant white. The figure extended its arms, and I felt my soul drawn into its embrace, and in that moment, I was freed from the world, and I realized that the fetter of forgetfulness was temporary. From now on, I shall rest through the course of the time of the age in silence. And then, as if from a great distance, I heard the voice of my master tell me, ‘Miryam, whom I have called the Migdalah, now you have seen all, and have known the truth of yourself the truth that is I am. Now you have become the completion of completions.’ And thus, the vision ended.

42:14 This is what my master has told and shown me. And only from the truth I tell you, that all that I have revealed to you is true.”

42:15 When the Migdalah had told of all that Yeshua had said and done, she fell silent, since it was in that silence that Yeshua had spoken with her and revealed these truths.
Quillan, Jehanne de. The Gospel of the Beloved Companion: The Complete Gospel of Mary Magdalene (pp. 75-80). Éditions Athara. Kindle Edition.